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Day 13 – The Big Apple

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To My Adventurous Baby Girl,

Today, you visited New York City for the first time.

What fun we had as we rode on trains and climbed stairs.  I am not sure why many of the NYC Subway stops do not have elevators.  I imagine the life of differently abled people must be hard without them.

Mami had to carry you in your stroller and our bags up and down flights of stairs.  Luckily, a teenage boy helped us on the way home.

We traveled to mid-town Manhattan in order to deliver print and signed copies of L.I.V².E. to Mia Roman, so you got to meet her.

She was overjoyed by your presence.

Mia, Mami, and you

We walked from 51 st and 8th avenue all the way to 11th street and 2nd avenue to get you a delicious slice of vegan, gluten-free veggie pizza.

On our walk, you pointed out every doggie you saw to your delight.  I imagine you will be an animal lover, since you already have such an affinity for creatures.

We passed by a doggie daycare, and you were so excited to see over 30 dogs in a room together.  Then, when it was time to continue on our journey, you cried for about 3 blocks as you repeated, “Doggie, doggie, doggie.”

Finally, you saw an image of a football and your crying subsided.

When we finally arrived at Viva Herbal Pizza, you were excited to eat some vegan pizza and a slice of Death by Chocolate cake along with some pomegranate tea.

We sat there calmly, ate, cuddled, and then you had some mami milky.

People stared as I breastfed you, but I felt proud.  I want to be an example for other women and deconstruct notions that breastfeeding is anything but natural.

We tried to meet up with Ayhan, but she had to go elsewhere.  We continued our walking and then headed towards 9th st and 6th avenue to hop on the PATH train.

A teenage boy was kind enough to help me bring you down the stairs since, once again, since there were no elevators in sight.

Gentlemen offered us their seats on the train twice, and reminded me that chivalry is not dead.

On the second train, I let a young boy take the seat that was offered to me since he looked tired.

On our walk home, you quickly fell asleep.

What a day.

I am so happy to be able to share some of my favorite places with you, and I look forward to the day you are old enough to go backpacking with me thru Latin America.


Mami Loves You

About this Series:

In honor of Latino Heritage Month, I will write 30 letters for 30 days to my beautiful daughter. This series is entitled, Mami Loves You. In these letters, I will tell her about the world around her, and reflect on her development.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, I will honor a Latina woman that I believe is a great role model for my daughter to admire. Through these letters, I pay homage to my role as a mother, and I will teach my daughter about one of the cultures that has birthed her.

To Subscribe to the series Mami Loves You, follow the link: and fill out the form.


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My name is Melinda. I am of Puerto Rican descent, a vegan, and dedicated to healthy living. My goal is to help you live a healthy lifestyle without having to give up your love of Latin cuisine. I want to expand what is meant by Latin@ food, and I hope to share my journey towards living a healthier life with you. Get your copy of my book, "L.I.V².E. (Latin-Inspired Vegan & Vegetarian Eats): Local & Organic Recipes to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle" at my store (

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