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Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice

Pumpkin pie in a pie plate with autumn leaves and pumpkins.

Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice: Local & Organic Recipes to Keep You Off the Naughty List

The second book by Melinda Gonzalez, Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice features 20 Holiday-inspired easy, homemade recipes. This book will provide you with healthy and indulgent holiday meals that will not compromise your pant size!

The book features 4 categories of recipes:


Each of the 4 sections has traditional American, Latin American and Caribbean holiday meals.

Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice is an easy-to-follow guide for anyone who wants to enjoy the holidays and eat healthy at the same time.  Featured recipes include pumpkin pie, gingerbread muffins, vegetable soup, corn bread, tamales, and much more!

And as always, the recipes encourage you to eat healthier and add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

Pumpkin, Spice & Everything Nice is paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and includes vegetarian and vegan cuisine!

This is a perfect companion to my previous book, L.I.V².E.

Holiday bundle purchases will be made available November 21st.

AVAILABLE November 21, 2013!

Pre-order your e-book copy TODAY for only $6.99 USD!





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