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L.I.V².E. (Latin-Inspired Vegan & Vegetarian Eats)

Mexican rice in bowlL.I.V².E. (Latin-Inspired Vegan & Vegetarian Eats): Local & Organic Recipes to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

The first in a series of guides to a healthier life by Melinda Gonzalez features 169 pages of information with over 50 easy, homemade recipes. L.I.V².E promises to satisfy your taste buds! The book features 8 days of recipes, divided into 6 sections:


Each of the 6 sections has traditional Latin American and Caribbean dishes that have been veganized.

L.I.V².E is a perfect companion for the seasoned vegan or vegetarian that is looking for new dishes. It is great for meat-eaters who would like to eat healthier and add more vegetables and fruits to their diets. The sub-sections in the book make it an easy go-to-guide for Meatless Mondays.

More than just a cookbook, L.I.V².E has chapters on how to live an organic and healthy lifestyle on a budget, how to save money on groceries, a one-week shopping list for all of the ingredients needed in the book, two exercise plans, and much more.

In support of vegan and vegetarian living, L.I.V².E, also, features recipes from the following vegan chefs:

Priscilla Deleon
Christian Garcia
Jerome Valencia
Lori Brannen-Graham
Joel Rosario
Carly Evensen
Marieliz Monclova


Purchase your e-book copy TODAY!



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